About us/Policy

Fly Eagle Jet Model Factory is a private enterprise specializing in designing, producing, wholesaing, retailing Glass steel product including all kinds metal accessories of the telecontrol fighters, helicopters, hoods of helicopter and boats.
  Our company own a large number of professional team with over tens years affluent experience on model designing and making. All the product has its own complete Intellectual property rights, advanced design, novel product, various styles. Since the corparation was set up, we put our customer in center , and survive by our quality. In the operating conceptions of quality is strength, profession is famous brand, we make a first class mode preducing and processing coparation in china with all our efforts. Abundant technique and fund support our product to sell all places in the world, and our best services converge lots of our customers. Welcome the customers abroad and inner to cooperate and negotiate.

Fly Eagle Jet Model Factory terms and conditions:

You have acquired a ARFkit and or Ready to fly, which can be assembled into a fully working R/C modelwhen fitted out with suitable accessories, as described in the instructionmanual with the kit. However, as manufacturers, we are not in a position to influence theway you build and operate your model aircraft, and we have no control over themethods you use to install, operate and maintain the radio control systemcomponents. For this reason we are obliged to deny all liability for loss,damage or costs which are incurred due to the incompetent or incorrectapplication and operation of our products, or which are connected with suchoperation in any way. Unless otherwise prescribed by binding law, the obligationof the company to paycompensation is excluded, regardless of the legal argument employed. Thisapplies to personal injury, death, damage to buildings, loss of turnover andbusiness, interruption of business or other direct and indirect consequent damages.In all circumstances our total liability is limited to the amount which youactually paid for this model. BY OPERATING THIS MODEL YOU ASSUME FULLRESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. It is important to understand that the company or dealer, is unable tomonitor whether you follow the instructions contained in this instructionmanual regarding the construction, operation and maintenance of the aircraft,nor whether you install and use the radio control system correctly. For thisreason we or dealers are unable to guarantee, or provide, a contractualagreement with any individual or company that the model you have made willfunction correctly and safely. You, as operator of the model, must rely uponyour own expertise and judgment in acquiring and operating this model.

Fly Eagle Jet Model Order Policy:

When you purchase a custom paint scheme airplane model, A 50% Non-Refundable deposit confirms your order.  The balance is due when the order is ready to ship from China to your door.  After model is shipped, no cancel or return for the purchase.


When you receive the model, please check the shipping boxes right away to find any damage. Report the damage to the shipping carrier. Also report the shipping damage to us with damage photos in 7 business days. We will help to file shipping damage claim to shipping company. Clearly photos to show damage will help to get shipping damage compensation early.


Model Jet aircraft arehigh-end products and can create risk for both pilot and spectators if nothandled with care, safety and used in accordance with the instructions. Makesure that you operate your jet according to the AMA rules, or those laws andregulations governing model flying in the country of use. The engine, landinggear, servos, linkages and control surfaces have to be attached properly.Please use only the recommended servos and accessories. Make sure that the‘Center of Gravity’ is located in the recommended place. Use the nose heavy endof the CG range for your first flights. A tail heavy plane can beuncontrollable and a danger to you and spectators. Secure all equipment andheavy items like batteries, Fuel tanks and other components securely into theaircraft. Make sure that the aircraft is secured properly when you start theengine. Have a helper hold your plane from the nose before you start theengine. Make sure that all spectators are away from the aircraft when startingand running up the engine. Make sure that you range check your R/C systemthoroughly before the 1st flight. It is absolutely necessary to range checkyour complete R/C installation first WITHOUT the engine running. Follow theradio manufacturer's instructions for setting up and completing the range testand set up the turbine/radio manufacturer's ‘fail-safe mode. Start your engineand do another range check with your spotter or helper holding on to the modelas you range check and check engine fail safe. Make sure that your wing spartube is not damaged. Check that the anti-rotation dowels for the wings are notloose. Check that the wing, stab, fin and nose retaining bolts are tight, checkall linkages and flight surfaces for damage or improper setup. Please don’tignore our warnings, or those provided by other manufacturers. They refer tothings and processes which, if ignored, could result in permanent damage orfatal injury. Secure the plane before starting engine.