F16(1/8)Accessories Retail
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F16(1/8)Accessories Retail

The price does not include the freight cost

F-16 dual wall Exhaust pipe with bell mouth $150/set

order No:ACF1601

Flyeaglejet PLUS F-16 (1/8) Landing Gear  $ 650.00/set

(including: retracts. Hydraulic Oleo Legs, disc Wheels Brake. Oleo Leg Stroke 20mm)

order No:ACF1602

Flyeaglejet PLUS F-16 (1/8)  Nose gear $225/pcs

order No:ACF1603

Flyeaglejet PLUS F-16 (1/8)  Main gear $225/pcs

order No:ACF1604

Flyeaglejet PLUS F-16 (1/8)

A: Nose wheel (inflatable tires)  $ 40 USD/pcs

order No:ACF1605A

B:Nose Wheels Tyres  $ 10.0/ pcs

order No:ACF1605B

C: Nose Wheels Axle  $ 30/PCS

order No:ACF1605C

Flyeaglejet PLUS F-16 (1/8)

A: Main wheel (inflatable tires)  $ 45 USD/pcs

order No:ACF1606A

B:Main Wheels Tyres  $ 15/ pcs

order No:ACF1606B

C:Main Wheels Axle  $ 30 / per

order No:ACF1606C

Flyeaglejet PLUS F16(1/8)

servo arm and control horn in same direction

$ 100.0 / per

order No:ACF1607

Flyeaglejet PLUS F16(1/8)

Oleo Leg Stroke   $ 100.0  / per

order No:ACF1608

Flyeaglejet PLUS F16(1/8)

Main Wheels &  wall Disc Brake / $ 100.0

order No:ACF1609